Make Your Music Events a Hit with our List of Music Inspired Ideas!

Ideas for your music events to leave your guests singing praises of you!

Music + Party = Fun!

Love music festivals and music concerts? How about trying your own weekend music events of fun and enjoyment? You and your friends just lazing around and listening to each other singing their favourite songs of all times, or watch a musical movie, or arrange for some live music with professionals.Ideas for your music events

Let’s beat the band and plan a music themed party with music ideas right from invitations, to decors, to party favours, and musical games.

Make Some Noise!!

Share love, share music, have some fun, and make some noise!

Use this music themed party ideas for your next get together and get rolling!

Celebrate your favorite band, favorite artists, and favorite notes. We bring to you some of the most brilliant music party ideas to incorporate into your next event.

Music Invites – Set the Tone!

Set the tone for your music events or music themed parties by sending out the perfect invitations. Set the stage even before the party starts.  A few ideas on how to make beautiful invitations for your music events are –

Music Note Envelopes –

When you make an announcement to your guests about having a music themed party, they would obviously be expecting invitations related to music ideas. Beat the imagination of your guests with these cute themed envelopes.

CD Invitations –

Make a list of top chart songs and burn them onto a CD. Place the CD into a beautiful customised case that would have enclosed all your music events details. These music ideas for invitations include a souvenir in the form of this CD and is a very intelligent idea of course!

Music Notes Cut Out –

Get some of your favorite music notes cut out artistically. Get your party details printed on them and roll out these extraordinary invitations that are great for music party ideas.

Music Sheet Invitation –

Go to your local music store and grab some blank score sheets. Fill in the details of your music events on the bars in a manner that they resemble music notes. These will make superb invitations to your music event ideas.

Music Themed Party Decors

Limited from your imagination, party decoration ideas for your music events can be very colorful. Select a few fun props that are related to music ideas, be it balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and everything else you would like to coordinate. Just to offer some help, you could use the following ideas –

  • Music-themed confetti and whirls or music notes
  • Musical Notes that are made out of foil or flex note garlands.
  • For your walls and ceilings, you can hang plastic records.
  • Printed piano table runners to creatively place your food.

A Musical Spin On The Food!

Make your music themed party a big hit by making superbly coordinated food and drinks that even have their names with the association of music ideas.A Musical Spin On The Food

Name a dish creatively after your favorite song, or just randomly place a few cutouts of musical instruments as centerpieces to your food table. This would add a musical touch to show that the food and drinks are in sync with the music party ideas.

You can also you wonderful printables to add to the musical charm. For example, get some cupcakes lined up and top with rock guitar printables.

Present your drinks exceptionally in the form of microphones which your guests will admire thoroughly.

Go one step ahead and come up with a special cake for your music themed party. You can use many creative music ideas and come up with a brilliant cake that could be in the shape of some musical instrument or can have some lyrics of your favorite song, etc.

Fun Activities For Music Events

Get the singing and dancing going, enjoy your best with some games and activities for your music themed party ideas that are sure to make you have one hell of a party.

One of the major prerequisites for your music events should be a fun music station that you set up amidst your musical party, just make a list of the top charts that are very famous with everyone and get them playing in the background of your music themed party.

A few games that your guests can enjoy your music events are –

Karaoke Station –

Get each of your guests to be the star of the show as you set up a karaoke station and have fun music concerts. Take amazing videos of all the singers and use them as music ideas of party favours.

Live Music Zone –

Get the local artists in town who are pretty well known for playing live music. Get them to perform some classic numbers of your favorite genre of music and have your very own in-house music festivals. Let the guests send out dedications that will make your music events even more fun.

Guess The Tune –

This is surely a classical game idea for all your music events. Distribute your guests evenly into groups. Give each group a name that is inspired from the names of the biggest musical concerts. Play a few seconds of the most famous songs and let the teams guess the name of the song. See which team scores the highest!

Musical Chairs –

A traditional and age-old game to music events that is famous for people of all age groups. This game of musical chairs is a sure shot hit among all the music event ideas. It definitely keeps all your guests on their toes.

Freeze Dance –

Let your guests go wild as they dance through the evening. Use these music ideas and play this entertaining game with your guests where they would all have to dance while the music is playing, and immediately freeze when the music stops, no matter what position they are in. That’s the fun, if they move even the slightest, they are out.

Use all of these brilliant ideas to inspire you for your upcoming music events and leave all your guests singing praises of you for some very well coordinated music event ideas.


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