Fun Gift Box Ideas to Make Your Gifts Stand Apart From the Rest.

Add a cheery spin to all your gifts with unique handmade gift box ideas!

A gift is judged by its cover!

Any person is who high on the creative side not only thinks about unique gifting options but also artistic ways of presenting it. Having your own gift box ideas always makes your gifts extra special and adored by the recipient. Placing your present in a cute decorative gift box is what appeals to the eye, making people wonder what might be inside those cute gift boxes. Today we have for you such lovable and very easy to make gift box ideas that you would love to put your presents into.Handmade Gift Box Ideas

There are many unique ways in which you can make a handmade gift box and present your gifts with a personal touch to them. Be it different types of paper, fabric, TP roll, or just an old shoebox; you can create amazingly cool cardboard gift boxes or even paper gift boxes that are fun and quirky. And because it is often seen that gift boxes are discarded, all of our gift box ideas are really simple and inexpensive. So let us get our creative souls up and running to make some of the best decorative gift boxes.

Cute And Easy Gift Box Ideas To Jazz Up Your Gifts!

Paper Gift Box Ideas 

Let us start with some easy paper gift box ideas that are the simplest and cutest to make. With these patterns being some of the quickest to make don’t be surprised to watch yourself making these every single time you need to go gifting. A paper gift box is fun to make and can be adapted in many ways. These make great decorative gift boxes that are perfect for parties and party favours. Just customise your paper gift box with unique embellishments and stamps and you are good to go!

Paper Birthday Cake Box –

A paper gift box that is in the shape of a birthday cake is a unique and fun way to make someone’s birthday even special. This birthday gift box made with solid colored paper that has fringes of crepe paper attached along with striped paper rolls as candles and a birthday wish is so cute that it can almost pass by a birthday gift all by itself, but it does hold a gift inside. After all, that is what this birthday gift box is meant for!

Easy Square Origami Box –

This origami paper gift box can be made any size with coordinated paper colors that make them totally unique. These small gift boxes are the prettiest of the lot. Be it clover folding boxes, pillow boxes, or self-closing origami gift box ideas you can add a simple ribbon or some lace to spruce up its cuteness and make it the perfect craft gift box.

Woven Paper Baskets From Cereal Boxes –

These gift box ideas are the closest to think of when you have not much time to give a gift or to run to the store for a fancy gift wrap. Cereal boxes come just in time to your rescue! All you need to do is cut the cardboard boxes into stripes and have them woven together to make cute gift boxes. These craft gift box not only holds gifts but also work well in the form of thrifty storage containers.

Paper Grass Gift Box Ideas –

A craft gift box that is so easy to make that even the kids to do it for you. These grass gift boxes are just apt for gifting as Easter baskets or small gift boxes for your spring party. You can fill these grass gift boxes with colorful candy treats or small trinkets and give them as party favors too!

Pineapple Paper Gift Box –

This tropical themed decorative gift box is just perfect to add zing to your summertime parties. Enjoy a social affair with this pineapple themed craft gift box that can be filled with delightful treats and little candies to be served as party favours to all your guests.

Cardboard Gift Boxes

With just a few poster board sheets or thin cardboard, you can make some very eye-catching cardboard gift boxes. You could make these into wonderful decorative gift boxes by opting for two-sided colorful sheets. You could also use corrugated cardboard to make this craft gift box that holds little treats and prizes. Make a bunch of these small gift boxes and use them on birthdays, weddings, or any other occasions as party favors with your own special touch. For this, you could use colorful ribbons, fun gift tags, or little pom poms.  

Gift Box Ideas From Cardboard Rolls –

This simple gift box ideas just need you to gather a few cardboard rolls and press to flatten them a little. Then, carefully bend their edges creating half moon flaps on both the sides. Now just open one end and carefully slip in your gift and close it back again. Use some festive ribbons or lace along with a few embellishments to finish up your cute gift boxes. These cardboard gift boxes are just perfect for small gifts!

Cardboard Totes –

If you have plenty of cardboard boxes kept in store then use them cleverly to make tote gift bags that act as party favours. These cardboard totes can be reused by all your guests as storage boxes. Just cover the cardboard boxes with fabric and add an old belt to act as a handle. Once you are neatly done with this, nobody will ever notice that these gift bags were made from old and useless cardboard boxes.

Painted Cardboard Gift Box Ideas –

Again, these gift box ideas let you use old cardboard boxes that you were initially planning to dispose. All you need to do is enjoy some creative painting skills and create a perfect backdrop with some abstract and quirky paintings in a contrasting color, or you could simply make the classic polka dots. By the end of your painting session, you will have with you a one-of-a-kind handmade gift box that you will be proud of.

Fringed Cardboard Gift Boxes –

Brightly colored crepe paper when wrapped onto a simple plain cardboard box adds an excitement quotient to your gift box ideas. For this brilliant idea, you just need to fold crepe paper into as many layers as possible and make incisions into them. Now attach this roll of striped crepe paper to your cardboard box by rolling it from the bottom all around the box. You could use different colors of crepe paper to add to the fun and play with different color combinations. Finish this handmade gift box till the top of the box and close it with a ribbon of your choice.

Just take a few minutes and dig into your creative souls to enjoy using these gift box ideas to add a special touch to all your gifts. Make your gift stand out in the crowd with these fun ideas!


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